We plan, project and implement actions limiting the amount of wastes and their negative influence on the enviroment. Our waste management is very effective, bacause we minimalize waste generation in situ. The management is based, among other things, on optimasation of manufacturing precesses limiting the qualitity of production wastes and a detailed section of the remaining wastes. It allows to recycle and reuse latger quantities of raw materials. The supervision of all types of waste that emerge at the factory premises consists of celection, proper storage and inventory. All waste is forwarded to specialized units for use in secondary production of or recycled. Waste management is carried out in accordance with the decisions and permits of he appropriate local authorities.




All our products are protected against corrosion using zinc coating. Galvanizing is a guarantee of quality and reliability and a long service life in  comparition to other protecion methods. In practice, this means that there is no need for additional chemical protection, which may affect the enviroment in a negative way. The galvanizing process is takes place under strict supervision of the contractors. The galvanizing line meets the enviromental protection requirements and thus allows for observance of the standards and not to exceed the acceptable emission values. The accomplishment of such level of protection is possible by using modern coat application technology and ventilation as well as the system for neutralizing the resulting sewage. In addition, part of the water used for rinsing is recycled to supplement water loss in the galvazing bath, which brings about a saving, obtained as a result of the technological bath recovery process and the reduced water consumption. For the water from the cistern to be used, special highly efficient filters thet remove contaminats are used.




Our production processes are constantly automated thus increasing the effectiveness. In practical terms it means that the product can be produced in a shorter time, consuming less power and to a lower degree of operation of the machines. This is closely connected with minimizing of consumables such as lubricans, oil and other fluids, and cobsequently, reduced emission of production waste. The technologies we use are safe and pose no threat to humans and the enviroment and comply with all requirements in this regard.

Quality management requires from us comprehensive surveillance activities of the technological processes. Beginning with inspection of the suply, through the observation of each stage of the production precess and testing of the final product, we are confident that we provide the highest quality of products. We maintrain our stock of machines in perfect condition; we care about cleanliness on the premises and ensure safety, hygiene and ergonomics of the workstations. All these activities allow us to optimize production preceses in both economic and enviromental aspects.




Rules of responsibility for the enviroment, which are our guidane, are applied also to the level of cooperation with the suppliers. When choosing the partner, we take into account not only the quality and economic aspects. We are very much interested in the approach of our partners to the enviromental problems. We cooperate with those who show the sense of responsibility for the surroundings, applying technologies which meet the ecological standards. Suppliers with implemented enviromental programs, that bring about the improvement of the enterprises activities promoting enviromental protection, guarantee that the materials and products we use are ecologically clean – both in the production phase as well as during exploitation.



Electricity is the main medium consumed by the company. Because of this, we are constantly making efforts to minimalize its consumption. We achieve this effect by replacing receivers, engines, hydraulic pumps, using passive power and upgrading lighting.

All machines undergo periodic inspection. Each of the machines has exploitation card in which periodic inspections are approved. The entire machinery is in very good condition, and therefore does not cause any additional emissions of waste. Inspection of the machines and processes that occur on them helps to prevent leakage of oils or other substances that may pose a risk of enviromental pollution.



We make all possible effort to use green raw materials and other materials. We use only the highest quality raw materials in the manufacturing processes. We select consumable materials taking into consideration their chemical composition and potential influence on the enviroment, during and after their useful period. While planning investments, we select products characterized by their smaller pressure exerted on the enviroment. All the electronic equipment is marked with eco-labels. Such products only consume the necessary amount of energy required. In addition, the advantage of such products is the minimal use their production, of hazardous substances, heavy metals (mercury, cadmium) and design for easy dismantling and recycling.